Our Bondage and Our Freedom: The Walter O. Evans Collection - A Frederick Douglass Celebration Event

Feb 23 to Feb 23
From: 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM
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Our Bondage and Our Freedom: The Walter O. Evans Collection - A Frederick Douglass Celebration Event

Author Celeste-Marie Bernier will present her latest work on Frederick Douglass and family: While there have been many Frederick Douglasses – Douglass the abolitionist, Douglass the statesman, Douglass the autobiographer, Douglass the orator, Douglass the reformer, Douglass the essayist, and Douglass the politician – as we commemorate his two-hundred anniversary in 2018, it is now time begin to trace the many lives of Douglass as a family man. Working with the inspirational Frederick Douglass family materials held in the Walter O. Evans Collection, this talk will trace the activism, artistry and authorship of Frederick Douglass not in isolation but alongside the sufferings and struggles for survival of his daughters and sons: Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr., Charles Remond and Annie Douglass. As activists, educators, campaigners, civil rights protesters, newspaper editors, orators, essayists, and historians in their own right, Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr., Charles Remond and Annie Douglass each played a vital role in the freedom struggles of their father. They were no less afraid to sacrifice everything they had as they each fought for Black civic, cultural, political, and social liberties by every means necessary. No isolated endeavor undertaken by an exemplary icon, the fight for freedom was a family business to which all the Douglasses dedicated their lives as their rallying cry lives on to inspire today’s activism: “Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!”

This event is being held at Legislative Services Building-Joint Hearing Room at 90 State Circle in Annapolis.

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Our Bondage and Our Freedom: The Walter O. Evans Collection - A Frederick Douglass Celebration Event

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